Global Game Jam 2017

Finally took part in the Global Game Jam after so many years just visiting the local game jam site as a visitor! 😀 It was a dream come true to see so many people enjoying the game-making craft and working hard to make amazing games over one packed weekend. The quality achieved in these little gems was great and I’m glad to be part of a global game-making community. Sharing my passion with so many like-minded individuals felt like being home.

This year’s theme was waves. The game we created is a local-multiplayer 1v1 game where your character claps in 3 different ways in order to send sound waves towards a particular, currently topical, person’s toupee. These sound waves make said person’s toupee fly off if done enough times. You can counter your opponent’s waves in a rock-paper-scissors fashion in order to untilt your opponent’s tilt of the toupe thus tilting it in your favour. The person who manages to tilt the toupee far enough sends it flying towards their opponent. Doing so wins the game!

Game Jam Theme: Waves

Team name: Potbelly Vikings and A Gozitan (don’t ask lol)

  • Programming: Alan Duca, Dylan Abela, Mark Anthony Cassar and me
  • Art: Mark Anthony Cassar
  • Mexican Wave Programming: Anthony Demanuele

Game name: TTT (Trigonometry Trumps Toupees) (don’t ask 2 lol)

Some screenies:

Game page:


  • Character Selection
    Red Player: W/S/A/D keys to move your selection, Space key to select, Ctrl key to unselect
    Blue Player: Cursor keys to move your selection, Enter key to select, Backspace key to unselect
  • In-Game
    Red Player: A/S/D keys correspond to Sin (x), Cos (x), Tan (x) respectively
    Blue Player: J/K/L keys correspond to Sin (x), Cos (x), Tan (x) respectively

Play the game here:

We came in 3rd locally by popular vote! Not bad for a first time try! 😀

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